A New Approach To Reach Teens – ZEFR And Coca-Cola

As brands become prolific storytellers, branded content is better than it’s ever been. The question becomes – with all that great content, how do you make sure it’s seen by the right people, in the right context, on the right platforms? Zefr will explore how data and insights can unlock breakthrough distribution strategies on the platforms that matter, delivering actionable insights to ensure your stories are elevated and seen by the right audience.

Conversational Pattern Of AI – Machines That Can Understand Human Speech

Early on in the evolution of artificial intelligence, researchers realized the power and possibility of machines that are able to understand the meaning and nuances of human speech. Conversation and human language is a particularly challenging area for computers, since words and communication is not precise. Human language is filled with nuance, context, cultural and societal depth, and imprecision that can lead to a wide range of interpretations. If computers can understand what we mean when we talk, and then communicate back to us in a way we can understand, then clearly we’ve accomplished a goal of artificial intelligence.

Ransomware Crooks Start Selling Victims’ Data To The Highest Bidder

Being struck by ransomware used to mean that data would be lost forever unless you paid up. Those days are long gone. Today ransomware gangs are also stealing their victims’ data… and in some cases auctioning it off on Dark Web markets. The hackers behind the REvil or Sodinokibi ransomware have siphoned off terabytes of data from the systems they’ve infected. When victims aren’t willing to meet ransom demands, the REvil gang is more than willing to use alternative means to profit from their attacks.

Safe Cities For Women – DW Documentary

Devastating human rights violations worldwide are committed against women and girls. Gender inequality remains a problem everywhere, especially in India. But social entrepreneurs there are refusing to accept inequality and traditional mindsets. They’re tackling violence against women with the help of technology.

How To Reach Consumers Who Are Not Willing To Spend

The global retail industry is experiencing an unprecedented crisis in the wake of Covid-19. Consumers are staying home and tightening their spending as they face uncertainties related to their health, wealth, and jobs.

This physical and psychological hunkering down is hitting retailers hard, as U.S. retail sales dropped a historic 8.7% in March, and moving forward are expected to drop 20% (at least) according to the National Retail Federation. Retailers are in turn laying off staff and scrambling to understand their options. Where are the opportunities for retail marketers and how can they minimize losses?