Branding In A Brandless World | A Keynote By Kevin Hamilton – Avocados From Mexico

In a world of branding to compete against your competitors, what does branding in a brandless world really entail? Avocados From Mexico have a unique mindset when it comes to marketing a produce brand but implementing a CPG mentality.

What is the purpose of branding in a brandless space?
What impact did investing in a Superbowl ad have on Avocados From Mexico?
Why choose to market a non-profit organization?

Branding In A Brandless World | A Keynote By Kevin Hamilton – Avocados From Mexico

The average consumer is bombarded by as many as 10,000 marketing messages a day. From print and TV commercials, to billboards, brand labels, Facebook and Google ads, signage, emails, mobile ads, product placement – the volume of messages, touchpoints and channels fighting for attention has never been greater. Network with likeminded peers at our GDS Summits to discuss the challenges facing the industry, and how to solve them.

So how do you cut through the noise and deliver marketing that resonates with consumers? How do you make it credible, authentic and interesting? And how do you create seamless customer experiences that cross multiple channels and take individual preferences, habits and behaviours into account? Join our upcoming GDS Marketing Summits to find out.

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