What Is Corporate Branding? A Talk By Azadeh Yaraghi

Azadeh talks about what people are really buying with different examples. She also explains what she calls the « one-idea » and its importance.

Azadeh Yaraghi is the Founder and Creative Director of Gogo Telugo. She had the kindness to join TalentsTalk on September 26th, 2017 to talk to us about Personal Branding, what it is and how to master it.

About Speaker: Azadeh Yaraghi has always been interested in the study of IDENTITY. What is the identity of the self vs. that of a business? How can one express this in a visual, stimulating, and authentic way? Azadeh is an international Creative Director with one mission: to make entrepreneurs shine so that their ideal audience can find them. She is a highly strategic and creative brand specialist, helping business owners grow their company by focusing on their brand first.

Azadeh believes that too often, women play small. They find themselves playing amateur games and hobbies in business. Women benefit by going through a journey that enables them to think big. Everything starts from the core. Once business owners re-align themselves with the essence of who they are, why they’re in business, and then create their marketing collateral to serve that vision, business becomes easier.

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