The Essence Of Digital Transformation Is To Become A Data-Driven Organization, Ensuring That Key Decisions, Actions, And Processes Are Strongly Influenced By Data-Driven Insights

It’s problematic when companies decide to embark on a digital transformation agenda without having a clear definition, let alone vision, for what it means. The fundamental meaning of transformation is not about replacing old technologies with new ones, or capturing high volumes of data, or hiring an army of data

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Learning To Code Is Not The Best Investment For All, Instead Become A Digital Collaborator And Learn How To Work With Developers, Data Scientists, User Experience Designers, And Product Managers

While most leaders now know that tech is a vital part of business, many are wondering what they really need to know about technology to succeed in the digital age. Coding bootcamps may appeal to some, but for many leaders, learning to code is simply not the best investment. It

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How To Become A Brand Strategist | A Talk

What is brand strategy? How do you become a brand strategist? Is brand strategy right for you? Does strategy matter in design? On this episode, you will hear about how Fabian Geyrhalter went from graphic design to becoming a brand strategist.

How Did You Get There? | How Can Others Follow Suit? | Is Strategy Right For Me? | How To Charge For Strategy?

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