Making Room For Machines: Getting Ready For Artificial General Intelligence

Join this year’s Turing Prize winner Yann LeCun and other pioneers in artificial intelligence for a no-nonsense discussion of whether a truly intelligent machine can be created – and, if so, how and when. The “thinking machines” that Alan Turing postulated in 1950 have already vaulted beyond us in specific …

An Interview With Dr. Ben Goertzel – Is Artificial General Intelligence Really Here?

The ultimate vision of artificial intelligence are systems that can handle the wide range of cognitive tasks that humans can. The idea of a single, general intelligence is referred to as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which encopmasses the idea of a single, generally intelligent system that can act and think …

General Data Protection Regulation Curse Or Blessing? A Panel Discussion

The GDPR – or General Data Protection Regulation – has continually challenged companies over the course of the last year. What has changed? What are the problems, what are potential benefits? We will discuss this controversial topic with our speakers from different companies as well as an Attorney at Law, who can shed some light on the legal aspects of the GDPR.

Towards A General Theory Of Intelligence | Rise Of Ai Conference 2019

The development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is going to require algorithms that can do things like inductive reasoning, planning and optimal learning from limited amounts of data. Several efforts are underway to develop these technologies for deployment in future systems. We may well see these new approaches being given a lot more attention in the coming months and years ahead as we enter the new age of AGI.