Attack Against Windows, Linux, And Mac Using A Command And Control (C2) Framework That May Have A Chinese Origin

A standalone Command and Control (C2) server called “Alchimist” was recently discovered by Cisco Talos. The framework has been designed to run attacks via standalone GoLang-based executables that can be distributed easily. The framework found by Talos contains both the whole web user interface and the payloads. GoLang Written Framework

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Microsoft To Linux Community: “We Are An Open Source Company”

17 years ago ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called Linux a cancer. That statement still casts clouds of doubt over the company and a lingering anxiety among Linux and open source enthusiasts. But hey, Ballmer loves Linux now! So does Microsoft!

Whether or not one chooses to believe it, Microsoft continues to bang that drum with both actions and words; most recently at the 2019 Red Hat Forum in Australia.

Microsoft Australia CTO Lee Hickin addressed the attendees with a message about the company’s transformation and its continued commitment to open source.

In attendance was ZDNet, which captured some key quotes: “We’re in an amazing place right now with a leader like Satya who really understands what it means to think about where we need to be for our customers, to really transform the company from being essentially the proprietary software company, to being an open source company,” he said.

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