23 Low-Cost Customer Delight Examples That You May Try Out To Learn How To Delight Your Customers

23 Low-Cost Customer Delight Examples That You May Try Out To Learn How To Delight Your Customers
23 Low-Cost Customer Delight Examples That You May Try Out To Learn How To Delight Your Customers

A customer base of one-time purchasers is a formula for disaster. Your business can only survive on short-term consumers for so long; in order to prosper, it requires lifetime customers who produce continuous sales. Winning clients’ loyalty, on the other hand, requires perseverance. It’s more than just processing orders, providing customer service, and delivering on time. A company must embrace customer happiness in order to earn a lifetime customer.

This is more than a cliché; when taken seriously, customer happiness is the driving force behind loyal customers. Going above and beyond to offer exceptional shopping experiences makes a lasting impact on your customers. Customers who feel valued are more likely to return to your establishment and make more purchases.

What Is The Definition of Customer Delight?

Customer joy is simply the creation of exceptional customer experiences in order to establish and develop long-term connections. With excellent customer satisfaction, you provide value that surpasses the expectations of your customers. You may please clients by using gifts, prizes, communication, and the assistance of your customer support personnel. Going above and beyond to:

  • Remind customers why they should buy from you instead of your competitors is what customer satisfaction is all about.
  • Demonstrate to prospects why they should purchase from you rather than your competitors.

“You have to be no less than a customer concierge, doing everything you can to make every one of your customers feel acknowledged, appreciated, and heard. You have to make them feel special, just like when your great-grandmother walked into Butcher Bob’s shop or bought her new hat, and you need to make people who aren’t your customers wish they were.”

– Gary Vaynerchuk, “The Thank You Economy”

Investing in customer pleasure increases customer happiness and lifetime value. As a result, investing in customer happiness is an investment in your company.

How To Begin Investing In Customer Satisfaction In Your Ecommerce Business

I know what you’re thinking: “This all sounds fantastic, but how much will it cost me?” The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to provide your consumers with unforgettable experiences. There are several low-cost and simple customer happiness solutions you can use to increase repeat business and client loyalty.

Handwritten Thank You Note

A little individuality goes a long way in this era of automation and immediate satisfaction. This customer pleasure concept is straightforward: if a first-time client purchases a product from you, send them a handwritten note thanking them for their patronage. It’s a strong way to convey your gratitude for their business, and it’s an excellent method to create a good first impression on your new consumers.

Twitter Customer Appreciation

This customer happiness strategy is simple to execute and will not cost you anything. Here’s how it works: Look through your order list every week and choose one client to thank on Twitter. Choose a consumer who is active on Twitter and include their Twitter handle in your tweet.

You might also use a social media monitoring service, such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social, to identify and react to new clients who are already talking about you. Using this strategy on a daily basis is a terrific way to demonstrate to new and current clients that your e-commerce company is run by genuine, caring people.

The Referral Scheme

There’s nothing better than getting paid for telling a friend about a business or product we like. Create a referral or ambassador programme for your e-commerce firm that rewards individuals who suggest new customers with discounts, points, or freebies.

On the one hand, you’re reaching out to new consumers and increasing sales, while on the other, you’re thanking your most loyal customers and brand champions for spreading the word about you. Tesla’s referral programme, for example, may be monitored via the Tesla app. Users may follow the progress of their rewards in their “Loot Box” with each referral link you send.

The Free Swag Promotion

Everyone likes free goods; it’s a basic fact that you may readily exploit when it comes to pleasing clients. It is easy to put this notion into action: just commit to delivering surprise presents containing branded goods to random clients on a regular basis. You may give swag to new customers, customers who reach a certain milestone (such as making multiple purchases), or consumers who mention your company on social media.

It’s another win-win situation: you get to show your clients some extra love, and they tell their friends about you.

“How Did They Know?” Surprise

Use one of the above-mentioned social media monitoring tools to keep track of what your consumers are tweeting about on a regular basis. If a client mentions a product they’d like to get their hands on, give it to them as a present! It will not only give them an unexpectedly great experience, but it may also inspire them to share this one-of-a-kind event with their friends and on social media.

This unexpected present might also be a service offered by another firm. Assume you’re scrolling through Hootsuite and see a client comment how thrilled they are to watch a new movie in theaters. You may go above and beyond by surprising them with a Fandango gift card for supper and a movie. Let them know that you spotted their tweet about going to the movies and wanted to do something kind as a thank you for supporting your company in the message they get with their gift card. It’s a terrific way to go above and beyond and amaze others!

The Genuine Email

Customer satisfaction does not necessarily have to be about presents or awards, as stated in the beginning. It’s not always necessary to be open and honest with others. Committing to honesty when dealing with consumers is one of the finest and most successful methods to engage in customer pleasure.

When anything goes wrong with a client order, you have the potential to turn a poor experience into a good one. For example, if there was a shipping or processing problem, send an email expressing genuine regret and being forthright about the error. If possible, avoid making this email seem automated (even if it is). When it comes to increasing consumer loyalty and repeat business, just saying “We’re sorry” may go a long way.

Social Media Brand Advocate Follow-Up

This consumer-pleasure approach is also really straightforward; here’s how it works. If a consumer contacts you on social media with complimentary remarks, don’t pass up the chance to answer and interact with them! When engaging openly on social media, keep in mind that you’re not just talking to one person; you’re talking to many.

Having genuine interactions with consumers on Twitter is not only a wonderful method to increase loyalty and repeat business, but it’s also a terrific way to create a good first impression on prospective customers who are reading your social media updates and deciding whether or not to support your company.

The Free Shipping Period At Random

Do you want to make your consumers happy? Surprise them with free delivery! Let’s face it: no one likes paying shipping fees. Every now and again, go out of your way to remind regular consumers how much you value their business by sending them an email campaign with a free shipping discount coupon.

It’s not only a terrific method to thank consumers, but it’s also a good way to engage with new customers and generate more first-time purchases, as with the majority of the ideas covered in this piece.

VIP Product Testing Program

People like the sensation of being a part of something unique. As an ecommerce company owner, you can use this knowledge in a variety of inventive ways. One method is to recruit VIP product testers. Here’s how it works: Every month, send out new items or product samples to a chosen set of loyal consumers and get feedback from them.

You may invite users to the closed programme depending on a milestone, such as a certain number of purchases or total sales as a customer. You may also send samples to at-risk clients to keep them from leaving.

After you’ve distributed your product testers, record the process and share it with your fans on social media. It will pique your consumers’ attention and make them feel even more unique.

The Promise Of Availability And Transparency

This is a basic concept that relates back to what was discussed in the introduction and tip #6: satisfying consumers does not always have to include delivering them presents. Instead, make it clear when your customer support personnel are accessible to assist. Customers will be delighted if you give them a welcome email that contains a statement of promise regarding your availability.

Customers want to know that they can contact you or someone on your team if they need assistance or have a question about one of your items. Delight customers by establishing customer service expectations from the time they become clients or subscribe to your list.

The Personalised CEO/Owner Email

Similarly, you may excite consumers by sending them essential, customised communications from the CEO or owner of your e-commerce firm. As soon as someone becomes a client, you may send a plain-text, customised thank-you email from the CEO. You might even send a customised email from the CEO to herald the introduction of new items or special promotions.

Writing handwritten emails in this manner is out of the question for many e-commerce organisations, and that’s OK. There are several email platforms available, such as Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, and Klaviyo, that enable you to produce automated emails that appear to have been sent in real time by a human.

The #DayMade Unexpected Gift

Another terrific e-commerce customer-pleasing concept worth trying is giving unique presents to a chosen group of random consumers who have previously purchased from you. It’s a terrific opportunity to surprise customers who have previously supported your company, and it can also be an efficient approach to generating fresh interest in your items.

Compile a tiny list of recurring consumers who haven’t bought in a while. Once you’ve built your list, give them a free product with a message thanking them for being a previous client. To go the extra mile, give them 50% off their next purchase if they take a picture, publish it on social media, and mention your company.

Commitment To A Cause

In recent years, several startups and ecommerce businesses have built business models focusing on social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is the commitment to devoting a percentage of your company’s revenues to a specified cause.

Toms Shoes is a well-known example of a corporation investing in this sort of business strategy. Consider how you may address client demands while also giving back to your community as an owner of an e-commerce company. For example, Bombas decides to give one pair of socks for every pair bought in its shop.

Consumers now want to support firms that are willing and interested in making the world a better place. Delight your consumers by supporting a cause that you care about or one that is directly related to the sort of product you offer.

The Free Samples Campaign

Another growing trend in the e-commerce business is giving free samples to clients before they purchase. This requires more organisation, coordination, and accessible inventory, but when done well, it can be a terrific method to please consumers, establish loyalty, and drive sales.

The most well-known firm that applies this concept is Warby Parker, which distributes five frames to potential clients for free in order to help them make the proper selection before purchasing a new pair of spectacles.

If you can afford it, giving samples to prospective clients is a terrific way to demonstrate that you care about providing individuals with the proper goods and solutions for their needs. As a consequence, consumers are happier, there are fewer returns, and income is up.

Employee Appreciation Party

Keeping your staff happy is one of the most effective methods to please your consumers. It is critical to recognise and thank them for their efforts. Employees that are happy are more likely to share your dedication to servicing your clients.

An employee appreciation event does not have to be expensive; it just has to be thoughtful and sincere. Furthermore, sharing your employee appreciation initiatives with your audience improves your business image. Customers will view your brand more positively if they notice that your firm appreciates its personnel.

The #TreatYoSelfLocal initiative

If you know where your clients reside, consider surprising them with a $5 gift card to a nearby coffee shop or restaurant. This strategy demonstrates that you want to get to know your consumer. Here’s how to do it: Find a consumer who has recently promoted your firm on social media or given you a nice review somewhere online.

Contact them and ask for the name of their favourite coffee shop or restaurant in the city where they reside. Tell them you’d like to provide them with a free present in exchange for spreading the word about your company. Use Postmates to deliver local presents to consumers. It’s a basic and affordable campaign, but it has the potential to generate more word-of-mouth endorsements from people you already know are inclined to tell their friends about your company and goods.

The Branded Box

As stated in the opening, customer pleasure is all about providing exceptional experiences for your consumers. If you don’t currently use branded packaging or boxes for your items, it’s worth a shot. Unboxing experiences have the potential to go viral under the appropriate circumstances, particularly as media-sharing services like Instagram and Snapchat continue to increase in popularity among sophisticated consumers of all ages.

In recent years, an increasing number of businesses have invested money in producing branded packaging in order to thrill consumers and separate themselves from the competition. If you can afford it, it’s a good test to do for your e-commerce firm! If you can’t afford a printed box, try sticking a branded sticker or stamp on your box. A little more work and care may go a long way in the eyes of your consumers.

The Loyalty Program

If you haven’t already, consider developing a loyalty programme that pays consumers based on the number of times they buy from you. It’s an excellent strategy for increasing repeat business and increasing consumer loyalty. You may use the following tools to set up your programme: Smile.io or WooCommerce for WordPress

Customer Testimonial/Highlight

Another example of ensuring customer happiness is to provide a client testimonial. Find a client that would be an excellent booster of your product or service. Send a simple email inquiring about being featured on your blog or on your company’s social media platforms.

This is a terrific approach to demonstrating to buyers how well your product works when used to its maximum capacity. This not only helps clients comprehend how to utilise your product or service, but it also functions as social proof and drives sales.

In certain circumstances, your consumers may use your product or service to operate their own company. By highlighting this client on your channels, you will enable them to rave about your product while also advertising their company by referring back to the customer’s site in the testimonial.

The Customer Feedback Method

Direct client input is one of the most powerful techniques in product development. When your consumers request a new product or provide feedback on a current one, it’s critical to recognise and comprehend their concerns.

If they give comments on something you intend to modify, inform them and provide a deadline. Always thank them for bringing this to your attention and get their email address. That way, you may contact any consumers who have contacted you after updates to your product or the introduction of new features. When a consumer provides feedback that is handled openly and honestly, you may make them feel more important.

The Milestone Or Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating a sale anniversary reminds your clients that their purchase is important to you. That purchase signalled the start of a new chapter in your relationship. They’ve sought out your firm, researched the competition, and determined that your offer was the best match. When you recognise this reality, you remind the consumer why they chose you in the first place.

If you provide a service to consumers, you may congratulate them when they hit significant milestones. Keep track of important KPIs for each of your clients. These might be significant triumphs, such as receiving 1,000 opens on their first email newsletter, or little steps toward success, such as paying their first invoice.

The Individual Touch

We’ve mentioned it before, but being wonderful doesn’t necessarily require you to give anything away for free to your clients. Making a personal connection might sometimes be enough. Check out Wistia’s email signature videos. They were able to introduce themselves, build a connection, and add a little personality to their Customer Success Coach emails in less than a minute by including a little video.

If you don’t have time to make a quick film, using GIFs is another wonderful way to inject personality and have some fun with your interactions. Create a gif of your employees waving or giving the thumbs up using Boomerang or the GIPHY app, and put it in the customer’s receipt. Just make it seem as though you’re having a good time!

The Private Group Invitation

Another excellent strategy to please your consumers is to introduce them to others who share their interests. Using various platforms, you may build a place for your consumers to engage with you as well as with one another. This might be as easy as a customer-only Facebook group or a forum on your website.

To engage with their consumers, Glossier and other cosmetic businesses launched private group chats on Slack channels. This will not only establish a sense of community around your product, but it will also help you generate brand evangelists.

You may use this platform to offer a special deal to current members or to get input on new product ideas from former consumers. Involving them in the dialogue aids in the development of stronger, longer-lasting connections. Those connections will only expand as you continue to communicate directly with an audience.

Experiment With Customer-Delight Ideas In The Future

As you incorporate each of these concepts into your marketing approach, you’ll gradually understand which methods work and which don’t. Continue to explore and be creative with new customer happiness initiatives. Consider how you can exploit the features your company currently has, whether you give free training to consumers or give behind-the-scenes access to your designer’s process. The more you can distinguish yourself from your competition by providing value that only you can supply, the more probable it is that you will attract new clients and maintain current ones.