Examples Of Blockchain Used In Insurance, Banking And Travel

Blockchain technology promises to revolutionize many aspects of how we do business and, if you believe the blockchain hype (of which there is plenty), may even be as disruptive as the internet was before it. Despite this, practical, real-world examples of blockchain technology can be a little thin on the …

AI For Good – 8 Powerful Examples

There’s no shortage of challenges that need to be solved today to enable a better tomorrow for our planet, cultures, and society. When humans collaborate with artificial intelligence, solutions that otherwise wouldn’t have been thought of can be developed and vetted at a pace that wouldn’t be possible if only humans were tasked with the assignment.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Practice: The 10 Best Examples

All the world’s tech giants from Alibaba to Amazon are in a race to become the world’s leaders in artificial intelligence (AI). These companies are AI trailblazers and embrace AI to provide next-level products and services. Here are 10 of the best examples of how these companies are using artificial …

What Is Deep Learning AI? A Simple Guide with 8 Practical Examples

The field of artificial intelligence is essentially when machines can do tasks that typically require human intelligence. It encompasses machine learning, where machines can learn by experience and acquire skills without human involvement.