The New Reality Facing the Advertising and Marketing Industry | Facebook Keynote By Gary Vaynerchuk

So many big companies out there are spending billions of dollars on TV commercials… even …

Your Prescription For Perfect Promotion – Healthcare Marketing Strategy

The best healthcare marketing campaigns don’t just convince people to come to you, and use your products and services, when they need help; they also build a relationship with your customers that leads to long-term loyalty. After all, how many people do you see changing their healthcare provider every other week?

Brand Marketing In The Times Of COVID-19 Crisis

In times of crisis, it may be hard for marketers to know where to begin. In just a few short weeks, people have shifted into protection mode, focused on themselves, their families, their employees, their customers, and their communities. Social media reflects this, with pleas for fellow citizens to follow government safety guidelines. People have crossed partisan lines to build bridges within their neighborhoods and communities and unify against an invisible force.

Video Marketing Statistics For 2020

The popularity of video marketing has gone viral in the same fashion as the rise of social media. Despite video marketing statistics that show an increased consumer preference for online videos, marketers are yet to catch up with video marketing strategies fully or aren’t getting the best results.