Big Company’s Branding Methods For Small Businesses: Four Stages To Enhance Business Branding

Many small company entrepreneurs make a critical error before they even make their first sale: they overlook the importance of business branding. It’s possible that we’ve been conditioned to believe that “brand” refers only to large corporations like McDonald’s, Apple, and Toyota. Thanks to the progress of the digital age,

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11 Stages To Developing A Marketing Strategy For Your Company

Marketing strategies are documents that outline how a company intends to acquire new consumers, retain existing customers, and spread the word about its brand. According to experts, developing a good new firm marketing strategy is really important and not difficult. Learn how to build a marketing plan for your new

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If You’re Implementing Your Company’s Strategy, Here Are Six Ways To Designed It Successfully

An organization is nothing more than a living embodiment of a strategy. That means its “organizational hardware” (i.e., structures, processes, technologies, and governance) and its “organizational software” (i.e., values, norms, culture, leadership, and employee skills and aspirations) must be designed exclusively in the service of a specific strategy. Research suggests

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The CEO Of Chipotle Brian Niccol – On Strengthening The Company’s Culinary Culture And Harnessing The Power Of Digital

Niccol was the CEO of Taco Bell before he became the chief executive of Chipotle, in 2018. He had watched Chipotle’s launch and rise with fascination and had enjoyed its burritos and bowls. But now he saw that it needed to get its business back on track fast. Customer lines

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What Is Your Company’s Corporate Narrative And Why Do You Need One?

Corporate narratives offer a powerful opportunity for differentiation. A good narrative helps companies go beyond the fear of things like ever-increasing competition and an unyielding the pace of change. Unfortunately, very few companies are good at crafting an inspiring, customer-focused narrative. To do one well, resist the temptation to simply

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The Stitch Story: How Data Science Helped The Company Create Billions In Market Value

Big data has permeated into a wide variety of industries, almost to the point where you’d hard-pressed to think of a counterexample. From advertising to biotech, cybersecurity to self-driving cars, crunching the numbers seems to be the key to delivering better customer experiences and acquiring deeper, less abstract insights that can aid in making better-informed decisions.

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Microsoft To Linux Community: “We Are An Open Source Company”

17 years ago ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called Linux a cancer. That statement still casts clouds of doubt over the company and a lingering anxiety among Linux and open source enthusiasts. But hey, Ballmer loves Linux now! So does Microsoft!

Whether or not one chooses to believe it, Microsoft continues to bang that drum with both actions and words; most recently at the 2019 Red Hat Forum in Australia.

Microsoft Australia CTO Lee Hickin addressed the attendees with a message about the company’s transformation and its continued commitment to open source.

In attendance was ZDNet, which captured some key quotes: “We’re in an amazing place right now with a leader like Satya who really understands what it means to think about where we need to be for our customers, to really transform the company from being essentially the proprietary software company, to being an open source company,” he said.

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6 Customer Experience Trends Every Company Must Get Ready

Companies who bring many of these customer service trends to life are the ones who are going to be successful. Nike is one of those companies. They invested in a value-added app that helps customers track their runs. At the same time, the app provides value to the customer, it’s providing information about customers to Nike. So, after a certain amount of miles run, the app might suggest to the customer it’s time for a new pair of Nikes. Through augmented reality, the customer can point the app to their foot and try on different styles. Then, it’s able to size your foot perfectly, and you can place the order and get your new trainers in record time. And for those that prefer a tangible experience, you can touch, feel, and smell their products in their flagship stores.

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Absolute’s CEO Christy Wyatt On Leading A Cybersecurity Company And The Power Of Resilience

Christy Wyatt’s career exemplifies what you would expect from a high-performing tech leader who thrives on turning challenges into growth. Showing persistence, resiliency, and tenacity – she has a long history of scaling high-growth technology companies and infusing them with greater creative energy, ingenuity, and intensity for results. As CEO of Absolute, she’s leading the company through an evolution that is shifting its focus from simply being known as a ‘track and trace’ company to becoming the world’s most trusted security company delivering endpoint resiliency to businesses of all sizes.

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