Quantum Information Science 2021: Top Perceptions From Top QC Leaders

Quantum Computing Investment Today Quantum Computing (QC) proof of concept (POC) projects are growing in Q4 2021 with commercialization pilots by 2025 and broader adoption before 2030. Accelerated digital transformation and digital reshaping from the pandemic is driving investments and early IPOs (ex. Q1 announcement by IonQ). In my daily

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Responsible Data Science In The Fight Against COVID-19

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen an outpouring of interest on the part of data scientists and AI practitioners wanting to make a contribution. At the same time, some of the resulting efforts have been criticized for promoting the spread of misinformation or being disconnected from the applicable domain knowledge.

In this discussion, we explore how data scientists and ML/AI practitioners can responsibly contribute to the fight against coronavirus and COVID-19.

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The Stitch Story: How Data Science Helped The Company Create Billions In Market Value

Big data has permeated into a wide variety of industries, almost to the point where you’d hard-pressed to think of a counterexample. From advertising to biotech, cybersecurity to self-driving cars, crunching the numbers seems to be the key to delivering better customer experiences and acquiring deeper, less abstract insights that can aid in making better-informed decisions.

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