Quantum Computing, AI And Blockchain: The Future Of IT | A Talk By Shoucheng Zhang

Prof. Shoucheng Zhang discusses three pillars of information technology: quantum computing, AI and blockchain. He presents the fundamentals of crypto-economic science, and answers questions such as: What is the intrinsic value of a medium of exchange? What is the value of consensus and how does it emerge? How can math …

Should We Excited About Quantum Supremacy And What Is Quantum Computing?

In 2019, Google announced with much fanfare that it had achieved “quantum supremacy” – the point at which a quantum computer can perform a task that would be impossible for a conventional computer (or would take so long it would be entirely impractical for a conventional computer). To achieve quantum …

What You Need To Know First About The Inexplicable World Of Quantum Computing

IBM calls this the Quantum Ready stage. It suggests it is time to get off the corporate couch and begin preparing our systems, people, and resources for the era of quantum computing.

Quantum Computing Can Reshape Our Physical Infrastructure If We Let It

Despite growing excitement around the transformative potential of quantum computing, leaders in many industries are still unfamiliar with the technology that’s likely to prove more disruptive than Artificial Intelligence and blockchain.