An Interview With Cheryl Ingstad, Director, AI And Technology Office At U.S. Department Of Energy

Among the many departments and agencies within the United States federal government, the US Department …

The IKEA Showroom At Your Home With Help Of Mobile Technology And Deep Learning

The company has taken a user-centric approach to how its customers’ data is used, in line with the IKEA customer data promise based on respect for people and their privacy. Accordingly, any photographs used with the new room design capability can be stored, reduced to just data components, or deleted entirely.

The Role of Digital Technology in Marketing and Branding

In this interview, Ricardo Arias-Nath discusses the changing roles of CMOs; the influence of digital and social on branding; how marketing is used in B2B distribution channels; marketing analytics; career transitioning from sales to marketing; developing brands with a defined purpose; the future of marketing with respect to predictive artificial intelligence and share of algorithm; and the potential for CMOs to transition to CEO / CDO.

Why Decentralized Technology Matters for Freedom

Governments throughout history have always bent technology to their advantage. Today, nation states have built staggering surveillance systems, and continue to exert more control over their citizens. Can decentralized networks like bitcoin help strengthen civil liberties and challenge this consolidation of power? HRF’s Alex Gladstein provides a tour of how technology is being used against us, and shows how it just might be the one thing that can save our privacy and freedom.

The 7 Biggest Technology Trends In 2020 Everyone Must Get Ready For Now

We are amidst the 4th Industrial Revolution, and technology is evolving faster than ever. Companies and individuals that don’t keep up with some of the major tech trends run the risk of being left behind. Understanding the key trends will allow people and businesses to prepare and grasp the opportunities. As a business and technology futurist, it is my job to look ahead and identify the most important trends. In this article, I share with you the seven most imminent trends everyone should get ready for in 2020.