From Privacy To Racial Bias, Ethical Concerns Over Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology has entered the mass market, with our faces now able to unlock our phones and computers. While the ability to empower machines with the very human ability to identify a person with a quick look at their face is exciting, it’s not without significant ethical concerns. Suppose

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Facial Recognition Software: Where Are We Now?

Not long again, facial recognition software was the next hot thing. But as recently as July, Oakland, California, became the third city to ban its government agencies from using facial recognition technology, following San Francisco, and Sommerville, Massachusetts. Experts expect more cities to follow suit. So, where does that leave the future of the technology?

Especially as marketers trying to leverage facial recognition as a vehicle to improving customer experience. Is there still a way for us to use the technology? How can we tap into the benefits without crossing the line of personal privacy?

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