How NLP Can Help To Create Customer-Friendly Retail Stores

Retail stores have seen tremendous growth in the past decade. So much so that we now have chain stores of retailers such as Ikea, Walmart and Target with each having numerous stores around the U.S. and the world. You might be familiar with the long, long aisles and multiple floors …

How To Create Plot-Driven Data Storytelling And Why It Is Important?

Data storytelling can yield significant benefits in informational analysis, but it requires skill and expertise. Learn some tips from data experts to get the most out of the experience. The age-old problem with data analysis is making the best use out of the information obtained by carefully parsing it for …

What Is Brand Equity And How To Create Brand Equity

Today, you can’t just tell your customers how amazing your company is and expect them to take your word for it. Organizations are defined by the perceptions and opinions of their customers – whether it’s a review on a niche forum or a message on social media.

The Stitch Story: How Data Science Helped The Company Create Billions In Market Value

Big data has permeated into a wide variety of industries, almost to the point where you’d hard-pressed to think of a counterexample. From advertising to biotech, cybersecurity to self-driving cars, crunching the numbers seems to be the key to delivering better customer experiences and acquiring deeper, less abstract insights that can aid in making better-informed decisions.

Is It Possible To Create Strong AI | Rise Of AI Conference 2019

Comparing today’s AI with biological intelligence, one of the most remarkable differences is the ability of animal brains to somehow understand the ‘essence’ of things: Even a small child can easily recognize a cat after having seen only a few examples.