Data, Social Media & Privacy – DW Documentary

In the digital world, everything we do involves data. Digital trust and cyber security are crucial for digital business. Who controls our digital identity? The bits and bytes can serve our interests or be used against us. More than ever before, we have to trust computer systems. In terms of internet usage and social media penetration, Thailand is growing faster than nearly any other nation. How do its startups deal with personal data, privacy settings and cyber security? Our digital data can help or harm us.

Social Networks for Advertising: Top 10 Reasons

The benefits of social media are nearly endless, but when it comes to social media advertising, social networks are a truly great channel for businesses of all kinds to advertise. Here are the top ten reasons to use social networks for advertising.

What Is Social Media Advocacy And How To Integrate It Into Your Marketing Strategy

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association defines “advocacy” as an act that generates recommendations, reviews, or support for a brand or product. In other words, instead of you telling your audience how amazing you are, you ask your customers to sing your praises for you.