4 Key Customer Experience Metrics Every Brands Should Be Aware Of

Most businesses around the world are being forced to take a hard look at their budgets, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The smart ones, however, have realized that increasing spend on things like customer experience could be highly valuable in keeping their businesses afloat during this tenuous business climate. Even …

Why Brands Lose Their Way : The Dangers Of Inconsistent Branding

A brand is a constantly-evolving entity. Your brand strategy should not only highlight your company’s identity today, but how you plan to evolve in the future in the pursuit of your unique vision. Of course, just because your brand shouldn’t remain static, doesn’t mean that it should be constantly changing either. After all, the more your identity changes, the more confused your customers will become.

How Symbols And Brands Shape Our Humanity

“Branding is the profound manifestation of the human spirit,” says designer and podcaster Debbie Millman. In a historical odyssey that she illustrated herself, Millman traces the evolution of branding, from cave paintings to flags to beer labels and beyond. She explores the power of symbols to unite people, beginning with prehistoric communities who used them to represent beliefs and identify affiliations to modern companies that adopt logos and trademarks to market their products – and explains how branding reflects the state of humanity.

Brands Without Borders: Building Great Global Brand

In this age of limitless expansion, ambitious business owners know that conquering a local market is just the beginning. The real goal for many aspiring companies is to achieve worldwide domination through a comprehensive global branding strategy.

So, how do you go global? Like any significant brand-building campaign, a global strategy requires care, focus and careful planning. Here’s your guide to creating the ultimate expansion strategy.