7 Ways To Build Fairer Data-Informed Culture For Human Resource [HR]

According to LinkedIn’s talent solution report “The Rise of Analytics in HR – An Era of Talent Intelligence” – people data and analytics is now one of the hottest, most in-demand skills for HR professionals and ranks as one of the most important human capital trends for organizations today. Companies …

What Is Good Social Media Marketing Strategy And How To Build It

In recent years, more and more brands are turning to social media for marketing purposes. Indeed, social media marketing has proven to be very effective towards many goals; lead generation, increasing brand awareness and loyalty, and so forth. However, there are also many pitfalls for the unsuspecting and unprepared. Loose …

Quick Tips To Build A Powerful Brand Identity

The advantages of going big are too appealing. Big brands tend to be trusted by funding institutions and therefore get to access funding more easily. In addition, they have the resources to hire the best talents and are exposed to a wider customer base. However, building a big brand is …

Time To Build “Picks And Shovels” For Machine Learning

Many multi-billion-dollar companies have been built by providing tools to make software development easier and more productive. Venture capitalists like to refer to businesses like these as “pick and shovel” opportunities, a reference to Mark Twain’s famous line: “When everyone is looking for gold, it’s a good time to be in the pick and shovel business.”

What Is Brand Photography And How To Use Photography To Build Your Brand

Brand photography will include everything from the pictures on your marketing materials, to the images on your product pages, and even your staff headshots. Done correctly, bespoke photography can complement your brand identity, and enhance recognition to the point where people recognise you based on just the visual elements of a picture.

Using A.I. To Build A Better Human – The Age Of Artificial Intelligence | Documentary

Through life-changing accidents, and data-minded through NASCAR, human beings are finding ways to rebuild one another so that we are better, faster, and stronger than ever before and all with the help of A.I.. Once nothing more than the stuff of comic books and TV shows, we truly have the technology to become modern superheroes.