Revolutionize Utilities’ Security With Help Of AI And Video Analytics

According to Gartner’s latest CIO survey, 94% of Energy, Oil & Gas Utilities’ IT leaders prioritize location and cybersecurity, 38% are investing in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning and 17% in the Internet of Things including sensor-based video technologies. Energy, Oil & Gas Utilities are facing increasing pressure to reduce …

Adopting A Zero Trust Security Approach: Keep This Five Things In Mind

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a seismic shift in how the world goes to work. Apart from essential services, remote work is the new normal, mandated everywhere – even in organizations that never previously offered remote work options. Lack of VPN infrastructure or its ability to scale, legacy systems that were never designed for remote work, previous reluctance to implement work from home, poor cybersecurity hygiene – all of these pose challenges for organizations trying to adjust to this new normal.

What’s New On The Zero Trust Security Landscape In 2019

The latest Forrester Wave adds in and places high importance on Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) ecosystem advocacy, allocating 25% of the weight associated with the Strategy section on the scorecard.