Responding To Disaster: Brand Messaging And Communications Tips In A Crisis

Communication has always and will always be essential to branding. The right communication strategy is how you share your unique tone of voice with your audience, demonstrate your personality, and deliver valuable information. When disaster strikes, your brand communications are how you alleviate consumer fears and let customers know that …

Brand Marketing In The Times Of COVID-19 Crisis

In times of crisis, it may be hard for marketers to know where to begin. In just a few short weeks, people have shifted into protection mode, focused on themselves, their families, their employees, their customers, and their communities. Social media reflects this, with pleas for fellow citizens to follow government safety guidelines. People have crossed partisan lines to build bridges within their neighborhoods and communities and unify against an invisible force.

Customer Support Service In The Coronavirus Crisis

Most managers are struggling to navigate the impact Covid-19 is having on their organizations, but how the pandemic is affecting different parts of the enterprise varies dramatically from one department to the next. Where finance is grappling with critical questions of cash management, HR is dealing with stark choices about furloughs and layoffs, sales is trying to convince customers to continue to buy even as budgets are drying up, and IT is scrambling to support employees to be productive as they work from home.

Look Up To The Cloud(s), In The Era Of The COVID-19 Crisis

One of the biggest stories of the year is the growing impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus contagion. The global response is mind-numbing; the public is scrambling, the stock market is all over the place, and there are hundreds of stories published each day discussing the changing death rate, new cases, and even new strains of the virus.