Future Companies As Result Of Automation And AI

Covid-19 has forced business leaders to accept that automation will arrive earlier than expected. It is therefore timely, albeit in less-than-positive circumstances, to look at which type of companies will, and will not, thrive in the future. Many articles about Artificial Intelligence (AI) have sensationalized the effect of automation as the grim reaper of jobs. However, it will not be jobs that will be automated, but rather tasks within those jobs – in fact any tasks that can be put into a process. The success of companies in the future will depend upon their willingness to find those tasks that can be automated.

For Better And For Worse: COVID-19 Is Forcing Companies To Speed Up Automation

In its report, Forrester notes that many companies are set to invest more in automation than in rehiring in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, corroborating earlier reports that had claimed many businesses were already planning to accelerate their automation strategies.

India’s Data Localization Remains A Key Challenge For Foreign Companies

One of the more prominent voices demanding localization belongs to India’s richest man, Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani, who declared recently that Indian data should be owned exclusively by Indian citizens.