When Companies Overcommit Or Do Not Deliver On Promised Socially Responsible Initiatives, It Will Damage Their Relationships With Their Customers

New research shows that when companies overcommit and/or do not deliver on promised socially responsible initiatives they damage their relationships with their customers. However, a company’s reputation for product quality or innovation may partially mitigate such a negative impact on customer satisfaction. Consumers today face a barrage of green-friendly messaging

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Responsible Data Science In The Fight Against COVID-19

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen an outpouring of interest on the part of data scientists and AI practitioners wanting to make a contribution. At the same time, some of the resulting efforts have been criticized for promoting the spread of misinformation or being disconnected from the applicable domain knowledge.

In this discussion, we explore how data scientists and ML/AI practitioners can responsibly contribute to the fight against coronavirus and COVID-19.

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