How To Get A Grip On Social Media And Reap The Best Rewards For Your Business

Social media is the new way of communicating, connecting, and interacting with your prospective customers. There are over 14 billion active profiles across the top social media networks. Yeah, that’s a huge potential audience for your business. But it’s challenging to manage multiple social media accounts and reel in the …

Social Media Or SEO – What’s The Difference & Which Is Right For My Business

Marketing approaches and philosophies have continued to shift over time to remain relevant to the masses. Technology in recent decades has played a vital role in bringing a lot of changes to companies and businesses worldwide, resulting in new viable marketing efforts. From billboards to magazines and from newspapers to …

Content Marketing for Photographers: How to Promote Your Photography Business

Content marketing is a vital tool for a photography business in order to get clients. In this talk, Elena S. Blair and Sandra Coan will share their strategies, such as blogging SEO, Instagram hashtags, content writing, instagram engagement and more!

Why Artificial Intelligence Revolution Is Matter To Your Business?

As a species, humanity has witnessed three previous industrial revolutions: first came steam/water power, followed by electricity, then computing. Now, we’re in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution, one driven by artificial intelligence and big data. I like to refer to this as the “Intelligence Revolution.” But whatever we …

Top Ten Data Analytics And Business Intelligence Platforms In 2020

As we start a new decade, the top trends for business analytics platforms are cloud, artificial intelligence, automation, on-device (edge) analytics, and augmentation. Cloud ecosystems empowered with AI have matured greatly in recent years. Smart, augmented prediction and decision-making tools are at a stage where they are ready to be deployed across organizations, from the boardroom to the shop floor. The challenge is making sure your business is ready to use them.

Digital Maturity Is Critical To Business Success

Findings from the Digital Transformation 2020 survey show that companies identified by their executives as well along the road to digital transformation were three times more likely to achieve revenue growth in the last year. This may not seem particularly surprising given the boom we have seen in artificial intelligence, data analytics, and connected technology – all enthusiastically co-opted by industry to drive bottom-line growth.