Health Care’s Digital Transformation Amid Pandemic: The Challenges And Opportunities Of “New Normal”

“At a roundtable, chief information officers from leading health systems agreed that digital technologies must play an important role in meeting the challenges of the post-pandemic world. Because virtual care is now part of the new normal, health systems must construct a stronger support infrastructure that includes organizational, financial, and …

Post-Pandemic Digital Strategy – Think Of Employees

When the pandemic hit in March, many companies’ long-term plans and strategies were thrown out the window, as everyone from the frontlines to the C-suite shifted into fire-fighting mode. Many worked around the clock by leveraging remote technology. It’s often been exhausting, as each day seems to bring new challenges …

Keep Your Brand Alive In The Times Of Pandemic

Modern consumers are as politically and socially conscious as ever. While some brands respond out of fear of alienating sects of their audience, a recent Morning Consult study found that merely saying the “right things” or “standing in solidarity” no longer cut it with consumers. They want the brands they …

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence Technologies To Curb The Global COVID-19 Pandemic – The Israeli Way

Israel is well known for its strength in deep-tech, and is also home to a vibrant AI ecosystem that has been growing rapidly over the past few years. Israel’s unique tech ecosystem includes companies and startups that utilize AI technologies in healthcare, cybersecurity, autonomous driving, and many other fields.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning During A Pandemic

To say that change is a constant is an understatement with the coronavirus turning the whole world upside down. Paired with accelerating cloud technologies where there seems to be no “finish line,” we find ourselves in an environment that is more and more of a challenge for the IT skills of internal teams to keep up.