Why Two-Thirds Of Start-Ups Never Show A Positive Return? Based On Interviews And Surveys With Founders & Investors And More Than 20 Case Studies

If you’re launching a business, the odds are against you: Two-thirds of start-ups never show a positive return. Unnerved by that statistic, a professor of entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School set out to discover why. Based on interviews and surveys with hundreds of founders and investors and scores of accounts

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Ransomware Crooks Start Selling Victims’ Data To The Highest Bidder

Being struck by ransomware used to mean that data would be lost forever unless you paid up. Those days are long gone. Today ransomware gangs are also stealing their victims’ data… and in some cases auctioning it off on Dark Web markets. The hackers behind the REvil or Sodinokibi ransomware have siphoned off terabytes of data from the systems they’ve infected. When victims aren’t willing to meet ransom demands, the REvil gang is more than willing to use alternative means to profit from their attacks.

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Can Artificial Intelligence [AI] Save Our Oceans? Let’s Start With The Data

Scientists have noted that even if we were to halt all of our fossil fuel activity today, we are still on track to lose 90% of the ocean’s corals by 2050. Coral is the ocean’s life system and without it, we will soon also have an ocean without life.

In spite of the terrible news, there are some glimmers of light and hope spots that we can point to, especially in the areas of AI for the benefit of the ocean. This will be the first in a series of articles that puts a spotlight on the top innovators and innovations that are using the power of technology, and specifically AI to restore and regenerate our precious oceans.

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