Indulgence And Innovation: Luxury Branding In A Post Luxury World

The Definition Of ‘Luxury Branding’ Is Changing. In the past, luxury used to be all about pleasure, exclusivity and opulence. Now, modern consumers, like the millennial generation, have begun to see the traditional concept of ‘luxury’ in a negative light. Extravagance is overrated. Today’s shoppers think differently about the items, …

Fully Automated Luxury Capitalism And Artificial Intelligence

In the future, machines will replace humans in jobs. This is not controversial: it’s what machines have done since well before the start of the industrial revolution. Petrol pump attendants were replaced by automated pumps, secretaries were replaced by Microsoft Office. This is what economists call the substitutive effect of automation: humans are substituted in jobs by machines.

What Is A Luxury Brand And How To Build A Strong Luxury Brand

The definition of a luxury brand changes depending on the type of brand you’re describing. In consumer goods, its Louis Vuitton and expensive couture fashion. Everything from handbags to handkerchiefs sports logos from Burberry, Christian Dior, and Chanel.